Assisted Living Facility
18 Licensed Beds
295 North 8th Street
Burwell, NE 68823
Friendship Home Assisted Living, Assisted Living Home in Burwell, NE

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Friendship Home Assisted Living is a licensed Assisted Living Facility in Burwell, NE. Assisted Living Facility(s) are licensed individually by state or local governments and surveys are typically completed by local entities, such as the Department of Aging or Verteran's Services. Long-Term Care Ombudsman serve as advocates for residents of all licensed long term care settings.

Please visit your state government website to learn more about the level of care provided by Assisted Living Facility(s) in NE. Friendship Home Assisted Living can be contacted at (308) 346-4440 or submit a request for more information.

Unless Friendship Home Assisted Living is also certified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Assisted Living Facility(s) do not accept Medicare as payment for any care services. However, Assisted Living Facility(s) such as Friendship Home Assisted Living play a critical role in caring for seniors and bringing peace of mind to families in need of care for loved ones. The long-term costs for non-acute care at Assisted Living Facility(s) is typically much lower than living in a nursing home full-time.



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